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I bring my training with the ROYAL BALLET and experience from the dance and theatre industry into the gym. I founded BalletBeFit to pass on my knowledge of what ballet training can do for your fitness.

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Rachel Withers

Founder and Fitness Instructor at BalletBeFit

As a former dancer with the ROYAL BALLET I offer fun and challenging fitness courses combining the benefits of ballet training with the fun of dancing. Ballet training offers stronger and leaner muscles without the bulkiness and works wonders for your posture! Rachel Withers will be launching a new website in the near feature! This exciting time, Rachel will be refocusing her efforts into health and wellness for others while still focusing on Ballet. Stay tuned for articles on reducing stress, creating a healthier lifestyle, and more!


Ballet Dancer

Rachel's experience has helped her grow BalletBeFit into a community of dance teachers and women who want to keep in excellent shape.



Rachel teaches more than just fitness and dancing. She is dedicated to share her years of business experience and experience with starting her own fitness concept to help other dance teachers startup a profitable fitness business.

Rachel Withers

CEO, BalletBeFit

Ballet Dancer



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Hello, I am Rachel Withers

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Founder and Fitness Instructor, BalletBeFit

After retiring from the Royal Ballet, Rachel was part of the entrepreneurial group behind one of the leading student accommodation firms in the UK. However, the transition from the ballet to a stationary desk job in the business world, quickly made her feel out of shape. So she decided to use her combined ballet and business skills to found BalletBeFit. The goal was to introduce other women to a fun and challenging fitness form that works wonders for both their physical shape and posture.

Since, BalletBeFit has grown into an online community where Rachel teaches other dance teachers to start an independent business under the BalletBeFit concept.

My Education

Dancer, The Royal Ballet

Rachel Withers was a ballet dancer and went through formal ballet training at the Royal Ballet School. Training to be a ballet dancer requires intensive work and hours of practise to master the techniques. Rachel brings this knowledge of physical training and how the training affects the body to a more accessible level with BalletBeFit.


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Rachel Withers

Founder and Fitness Instructor at BalletBeFit

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