Exercising in silence can be a great way to reflect on your day, but sometimes you need some background noise that motivates you to take your workout to the next level. Your individual music style will dictate what songs occupy your playlist, but here are some of the more popular options for your consideration.

Eminem – Lose Yourself

When your palms are sweaty, knees are weak and arms are heavy, this song has the energy to put some pep in your step. This 2008 release by rapper Eminem is still a staple for many exercise and dance playlists. In addition to the sharp beats and melodic rhythm, the lyrics about owning the moment and embracing opportunities can put you in the mindframe for success.

Fighter – Christina Aguilera

Fighter will make you that much stronger and work a little bit harder. The song was released in 2002, and shows the more edgy, rock version of Christina. With this song, you’ll be able to power through your workout with the motivation to fight a little harder for the results you want.

Rockstar – Post Malone

This hit by Post Malone has been topping the charts since its release earlier in 2018. It is currently the second most popular workout song according to Spotify, but the song features some profanity, so listen with caution. The track features 21 Savage, and has a unique sound that can mix up your typical playlist.

Timber – Pitbull and Ke$ha

This 2013 hit topped the Billboard Hot 100 list, and is still a great addition to any workout playlist or Zumba class. The beats per minute are a bit slower than other songs, but the rhythm is enough to make you want to get up and dance or continue your workout until the end of the song.

Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Bring Me To Life is a unique blend of gothic, metal, rap and rock. Upon release, the song was immensely popular for modern and lyrical dancers because of the powerful emotion behind the lyrics. Some parts of the song are slow, while others are more fast-paced. This makes it perfect for any kind of interval training.

We Will Rock You – Queen

If you’re looking to add some classic rock to your workout, you can’t go wrong with “We Will Rock You.” The unforgettable beat and powerful lyrics have stood the test of time, make it a song that will forever be great for your exercise playlist.


What tracks are a necessary part of your workout routine?