If you’re looking for a fun workout that makes you feel like a diva on the dance floor, a fitness dance class is for you. In a fitness dance class, you dance to great music and burn calories without realizing you’re working out.

Although dance classes are some of the most fun cardio fitness classes offered at many studios, it is still a legitimate workout that will leave you sweating.

When you’re new to a fitness dance class, there are a few things you should know before you begin.

Keep it on Repeat

Throughout your first class, you’ll notice that the dance and exercise moves sometimes repeat themselves throughout the class. I promise, it’s not monotonous or boring. The repetition gives you opportunity to become more familiar with the moves so you can go all out once you’ve gotten the hang of it. The repetitive movements also allow for particular muscle groups to fatigue and get stronger.

If you’ve never been to a class before, you might not want a spot in the front and center of the class. Stand back a few rows and watch the people in front of you before trying the moves for yourself, but be sure that you can still see yourself in the mirror. Regardless, it’s okay if you do the wrong move. No one will judge you. It takes time to become an expert. Just have fun and keep moving!

Your Fitness Level

If you’ve danced or been physically fit in the past, you might assume that you can jump into a fitness dance class and go full force with no problem. That may be true for some, but you should always know your own physical limitations.

If you have to modify a move to better suit your abilities, that is perfectly fine. If you have knee problems, you might not want to sink so deep into your squats. For those who aren’t quite used to quick dance movements, it’s okay to slow them down so you don’t trip over yourself or others.

Similarly, if you’re stamina isn’t yet up to par, there’s no harm in stepping instead of jumping. You can even sit out a song or two if you’re exhausted. This is especially important if you’re feeling sick or lightheaded.

As your body becomes more accustomed to the activity, you can intensify your workout. The most important thing is to have fun while keeping your safety in mind.

Get to Know Your Instructor

Instructors love gaining new members to their classes. They work hard to ensure that each song works your body while providing you with the therapeutic benefits of dancing in a group environment. Introduce yourself to the instructor after class. They love feedback and learning new faces.

Each fitness dance instructor has a slightly different style. Regardless of the style, the class atmosphere is energizing and you’ll leave feeling invigorated. This style of fitness class isn’t for everyone, but it can be an empowering experience if you open your mind.


At BalletBeFit, we offer Stay Young Classes. They are designed for women who want a fitness class with a dance feel. Sign up and try for yourself!