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Popular Ballerina Stretches

Dancing is a great form of exercise and expression. In order to keep your body functioning and your muscles operating during peak performance, you need to stretch. Your body will benefit from you taking the time to stretch. Here is a list of stretches that will increase your flexibility and loosen up your tense muscles.…

How to Pick the Best Song for Your Next Ballet Routine

As a dancer, choosing the perfect music can be one of the most key elements of your routine, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional. If you are participating in a judged competition, there are many factors you will need to keep in mind in order to place highly, but your song choice will definitely be high on that list. Keep in mind it is the first and last thing the audience will hear and the element they’re most likely to remember once all is said and done.  

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How You Can Prevent the 5 Most Common Dance Injuries

Dancers often practice for hours each day doing the same movements repeatedly in order to prepare for shows. Dancers who perform for Broadway or other dance companies may perform up to eight times per week. Long practices coupled with little rest time in-between shows can mean that dancers often become injured. Prevent these five common…

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How Ballet Can Enhance Overall Athletic Performance

Contrary to popular belief, ballet isn’t just a delicate hobby reserved for women and girls. Regardless of shape, size or athletic ability, anyone can benefit from the physical and mental demands of a ballet class. Even for serious athletes who typically focus on weight training and building endurance, ballet could be an intrinsic part of…

How Dancers Can Improve their Balance Rachel Withers BalletBeFit Fitpreneur

How Dancers Can Improve Their Balance

Good balance can mean the difference between a wobbly performance and a fantastic one. Even if you’re just dancing for fun or fitness, maintaining good balance throughout your routines can prevent injury and lead to better results. You should work to improve your balance throughout the day, not just when you’re on the dance floor.…

How Dance Combats Dementia by Rachel Withers

How Dance Combats Dementia

For some, dancing is a fun, effective means of physical fitness. For others, it is much more. Recent studies show that frequent dancing may improve cognitive function, offering protection from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia and Dance As we age, our brain loses mental connections when brain cells deteriorate. Those with Alzheimer’s and other forms…